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You are in the middle of career? Your family challenges you? You don’t have enough time for your friends? You are doing your studies beside work? A day should have 120 hours to reconcile everything, to have a fulfilling private life and enjoy some spare time. And above all, you have to work on your thesis, without knowing where to take the time or leisure?


We take care of the professional implementation of your projects!


BEwritten offers discreet help in creating scientific works, this means ghostwriting of academic works. Starting with literature research, copyediting, proofreading, formatting, translation, statistical evaluations up to writing complete scientific works, manuscripts and texts including the plagiarism check. Customized to your individual requirements, the work will always be unique. Our authors from various scientific disciplines not only have academic titles, but also a high level of expert knowledge and many years of experience in writing scientific works. This ensures high quality at fair prices. In addition, we create specialist articles for companies, books and ebooks.



BEwritten delivers academic custom work.

We produce customized, individual scientific works that meets your exact requirements. The focus is on classical topics of academic ghostwriting, in other words, templates for academic examination papers. The entire spectrum is covered by us, from the support of statistical data analyzes, empirical studies and market analyzes to the formulation of the research question, structuring, supplementing and optimizing your academic work up to the writing of texts and manuscripts of every kind.


BEwritten delivers custom made texts.

Every published article is the business card of your company and therefore should be professionally written. As a ghostwriting agency, we provide you with brilliant texts on various topics for your company, according to your wishes and requirements.

Two things have top priority in our company – on the one hand quality, on the other IT security and data protection. BEwritten works exclusively with highly qualified academics from various scientific disciplines. The pool of authors is diverse, some of our writers have experience from activities in economical companies, others from years of work at universities. The appropriate author is selected according to the requirement profile.

All authors, who work for us, are carefully chosen through a selection process. They must submit proofs that are tested and rated excellent and also provide certificates and testimonies. Our Writers are subject to secrecy and absolute discretion.


100% security does not exist. It would be dubious to assert this. However, much has been done to ensure the optimum safety for you as a customer. Our hosting provider is an Austrian, certified company with headquarter and high-performance data center in Vienna. Thanks to the continuous server monitoring, it can respond prompt to requests and act as quickly as possible. The Vienna office functions directly as an interface to the engineering and development team. We regularly test our website for hacker attacks.