Writing a Bachelor thesis

writing academic papersWriting academic papers, especially Bachelor theses, Master theses and Doctoral theses, is a big challenge for many students. Professional ghostwriters provide discreet help writing academic theses. From copy-editing to literature research and ghostwriting of complete works including plagiarism check, all services are offered. Since we work with highly qualified and experienced authors of all scientific disciplines, we can find the right author for.

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Ghostwriting of academic works

BEwritten is specialized in the ghostwriting of scientific works, exam papers, Bachelor theses, Master theses, Diploma theses or Doctoral theses. Professional ghostwriters help you write a bachelor thesis of the highest quality. All inquiries are kept strictly confidential, privacy and discretion are top priority. You will receive from us an individual non-binding offer, a transparent cost overview and pre-defined prices. We want to offer the highest quality at fair prices. BEwritten works with highly qualified academic ghostwriters from a variety of scientific disciplines, who have expert knowledge and years of experience in writing scientific texts and manuscripts. The communication between ghostwriter and student runs over a secure and encrypted connection. Each work will be proofread by a second author and, if necessary, revised. The final plagiarism check with a report goes without saying. So you can be sure that your work will always be unique. You benefit from all the advantages of ghostwriting a Bachelor thesis. The Bachelor thesis complies with scientific standards, formal criteria are complied with, all sources and references cited correctly, and the finished work is again subjected to a quality control by a second author.

The Bachelor thesis

At the end of each bachelor study at university, a thesis has to be written, the so-called Bachelor thesis. Certain conditions must be fulfilled, so that the student can start the Bachelor thesis. On the one hand a proof of already achieved ECTS credits in form of passed exams and presentations, on the other hand self-written scientific papers must be provided. At the registration of the Bachelor thesis, a topic, which complies with the respective examination regulations, has to be chosen and a suitable supervisor of the work, provided by the university, must be found. Without a supervisor you cannot register for the work. Students prove by writing the scientific paper, that they are able to scientifically treat a topic in their field of study and process it independently within a specified period of time. Once all prerequisites have been met, the work can be submitted to the examination office of the university. The processing time starts at the time of registration. The next steps, that are part of our ghostwriting services, namely writing a literature review, formulating the research question, setting the content and structure of the work, formal adherence to the guidelines and the actual writing process with the help of the researched literature and editing, can now be set. After the timely submission of the work to the examination office, the grading of the work is done by the first examiner (supervisor) and the second examiner.

After a positive grading of the Bachelor thesis and ensuing oral Bachelor exam, the academic title Bachelor is awarded, which represents the prerequisite for an up-building Master's degree program. If the Bachelor thesis is the last examination, then the Bachelor certificate and thus the award of the academic degree follows. This completes the studies.
There are - depending on study and subject - different titles:

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of Music 
  • Bachelor of Musical Arts

Prices of ghostwriting a Bachelor thesis

Bachelor AbsolventBEwritten offers you full cost transparency. The texts are prepared in the common scientific standard format A4-standard page, font type is Arial 12 point. The benchmark for the basic price is starting at 90 Euros and is dependent on the associated effort, topic, subject and method. If you request an individual, non-binding offer, we will send you a detailed service overview of the costs. We guarantee absolute cost transparency and a fixed price, which is set before the job starts. The price will change only if the requirements change, for example you want an order extension. All personal data, information or transmitted files will be treated  strictly confidential.

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Content and formal requirements for the Bachelor thesis

LibraryAs every scientific work, Bachelor theses have to fulfill content and formal standard guidelines. The thesis should have a clear and comprehensible structure. It is necessary to set up a thesis or to formulate a research question, which has to be answered by reciting and scientifically working on already existing literature. The argumentation must be easy to understand and conclusive. All sources used must be identified according to the citation rules of scientific papers. The structure of the Bachelor thesis has to be designed in such a way, that the whole work draws a common thread. The reader should see from the very beginning, how well the student pursues the answering of the question. Thus, our ghostwriters can already assist the students in finding a topic, researching the literature and structuring the Bachelor thesis.

The correct formatting of a scientific work is, in addition to the content and quality of the text, a basic requirement. The first thing you see, when looking at a scientific work, is the formatting. After you concentrate to the content of the text. Formally, all scientific papers have standard guidelines, which must be followed. In addition, depending on the field of study or university, there may be special requirements. All universities and colleges publish their guidelines for scientific works as an aid to the students on the website. For many students, but also academics, the text formatting, especially the correct setting of footnotes, breaks, margins and font formatting is difficult. We offer you assistance with the formatting of your scientific work, according to your individual wishes or according to given guidelines.

A scientific work consists basically of the following parts:

  • Cover sheet
  • Blocking note (as the case may be)
  • Note of thanks (as the case may be)
  • Foreword (as the case may be)
  • Table of Contents
  • List of abbreviations
  • Table of Figures / Tables
  • Summary (as the case may be)
  • Text part
  • Appendix
  • List of sources / Bibliography (as the case may be)
  • Statutory declaration

The scope of the Bachelor thesis may vary, there are no common rules. The institutes of the universities and colleges or the examination regulations of the subject specify the scope of the academic work from 20 to 50 pages. The requirements vary not only between the institutes of the universities, but also between the departments. For example, the required page number in linguistics and humanities is much higher than in business administration or engineering.

Plagiarism check and proper citation of the literature used

Students learn in a hallThe reference to the current state of research is essential and an integral part of a scientific work. It is based on existing literature, data, tables or figures used. Existing texts and research results serve as a basis in the course of the literature review to deal with the subject and to acquire as much knowledge as possible about the subject and should not just be written off.

Many students have no experience in writing scientific papers and correctly citing scientific sources. Because not only the quality of the sources is important, but also the right citation of these sources is crucial. Each thesis submitted to the university, be it a Bachelor thesis, Master thesis or Doctoral thesis, undergoes an electronic plagiarism check. All academic works, written by our ghostwriters, will also be subject to a plagiarism check. We use the same software as most universities and colleges.

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The European Higher Education Area - Bologna Process

The Bologna Process represents a fundamental reform process in European higher education. In 1999, 29 European countries signed the Bologna Declaration (now 48 European countries and the European Commission) with the aim of creating a common European higher education area within ten years, in which the mobility of students, researchers and teachers as well as the scientific staff in the context of quality-assured, transparent and comparable study programs is possible in recognition of the academic performance provided. It is a voluntary agreement of the participating countries, in which they agree to reform their national higher education systems accordingly. At the same time, European universities - and thus also Austrian and German universities - are increasing their competitiveness in the global context.

"The preparation and implementation of this (non-binding) declaration is referred to as the Bologna Process. In the course of this process, the German higher education landscape was reformed. The first step was the gradual conversion of all study programs to the consecutive Bachelor / Master study system. This change, together with other changes already under way and planned, has three objectives: promoting mobility, international competitiveness and employability. It also consistently leads to a differentiation of the educational and academic landscape. The changed course of study should reflect the changed circumstances of society, shorten study periods, allow international comparability and have a clearer professional qualification than was formerly the case "(see Austrian Federal Chancellery).

The main cornerstones of the European Higher Education Area - Bologna Process are:

  • a system of easy to understand and comparable degrees
  • three-level study system (Bachelor, Master, Doctor / PhD)
  • European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System – ECTS
  • promoting the mobility of students, teachers, scientists
  • Lifelong learning
  • promoting European cooperation in quality assurance
  • European dimension of higher education
  • strengthening the social dimension of higher education
  • employability

Bachelor in the Bologna Process

With the completion of the Bachelor's degree, which usually takes three years, the direct entry into qualified professional life should be possible. With the Bachelor, all scientific basics, methodological competencies and vocational qualifications are to be acquired according to the profile of the university and the study program. The Bachelor thesis is of high relevance, the result of which represents a comparatively high percentage of the overall grade. Ultimately, the Master's thesis is even more decisive, measured by the influence of the overall grade.